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Welcome to Herbaceous Inc. We serve both recreational customers and medical patients. Our cannabis dispensaries are located in Butte and Big Sky.

Our new Bozeman location at 1582 Bobcat Drive is now open!

We’re a family owned business specializing in carefully cured products.

Check out our menu for more details.

At Herbaceous, we are all about fostering happy, healthy and honest experiences with every single person who walks through our doors.

You can feel it in the air. To us, it’s just second nature to connect, share our bounty and treat our customers with kindness and humanity.

Every day, we offer good conversation, a little education, and a dose of laughter. Simply put, we strive to make a true difference in the lives we touch.

You guessed it. We’re a little fanatical about improving the world. That’s just how we roll. It starts with our dedication to going above and beyond when growing and selling the best possible cannabis, from seed to smoke. Our passion is to share nature and encourage wellness. While we’re at it, we’re always committed to our planet. After all, Mother Nature takes care of us, so it’s only right that we take care of her too.

So, c’mon in. Inhale the positive energy. Recharge your spirit in our environment. Experience a greener side of the fence. Discover what gives you joy. As Mama H would say, we are all connected, and together, we are a force of nature.

We are proudly partnered with the CBD company, Therapeutic Naturals, LLC,  located in the Bitterroot Valley of Southwestern Montana.

Therapeutic Naturals, LLC, offer carefully crafted, handmade products designed to provide you with healthy alternatives to address your wellness needs.  Their product line is expanding and currently includes USA grown hemp derived CBD sublingual tinctures, vaping oils, edibles, topical salves and creams, roller bottle blends, CBD pet products, and other all-natural personal care products.

Herbaceous loves our community and strives to be recognized as a collaborative, trusted partner.  The power of education and advocacy around this industry is critical and we are always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns.

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