Weed in Review: 5.4.18

Weed in Review: Friday, May 4, 2018

Cannabis News In the United States

Beyond THC and CBD: Meet the New Cannabinoids on the Block: Extraction tech is advancing, and the cannabis industry is just starting to discover and isolate the numerous cannabinoids found in the plant besides THC and CBD. Could delta-8 be the next hot trend?

Legal Marijuana Opponents Say Federal Law Blocks Research: It’s not often that marijuana legalization supporters and opponents agree on the negative implications of cannabis’s classification under federal law…many of the same legalization opponents who make up the group behind the new congressional submission pointing out research roadblocks have repeatedly argued that federal law doesn’t stand in the way of cannabis studies.

College Cannabis Exhibition Brings Industry Experts to Campus: An inside look at the first ever High Times SMART College Cannabis Exhibition.

Nearly two years after Maine voters approved legal weed at the ballot box, state lawmakers will finally begin implementing the will of the people and welcome adult-use cannabis businesses.

Medical marijuana expansions advance: More patients could be eligible for medical marijuana treatments after a Louisiana Senate committee advanced two medical marijuana bills Wednesday. House Bill 627 by Rep. Rodney Lyons, D-Harvey, would make medical marijuana available to certain individuals with autism. House Bill 579 by Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, would add glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, intractable pain, PTSD, and severe muscle spasms to the 10 conditions currently approved for medical marijuana prescriptions.

Proposed Bill Would Ban the Sale of Cannabis-Infused Beer in Michigan: Way ahead of possible legalization in Michigan, a proposed bill would ban the sale of cannabis-infused beer.

Patient advocates seek cannabis expansion: Iowans suffering from chronic illnesses made another pitch for legislative relief Tuesday, calling on lawmakers to expand the medical conditions covered by the state’s cannabis law and seeking to lift the potency cap to be able to receive effective doses of legal marijuana-derived cannabidiol.

Missouri House Approves Medical Marijuana Bill: Now that the Missouri House approves medical marijuana bill, it will soon move on to the state’s Senate to be voted upon. After an evening of sometimes emotional debate, the Missouri House approves medical marijuana bill for the state. House Bill (HB) 1554 was passed by a voice vote on Monday, April 23. The measure would make it legal for some seriously or terminally ill patients to use non-smokable forms of cannabis to treat their conditions.


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Medical Research Updates on Cannabis

Clinical trials will test if cannabis compound can treat autism: Researchers in New York are preparing to launch a major study on whether non-psychoactive compounds from the cannabis plant can treat autism. Starting later this month, they will be running clinical trials on children and teens — some as young as 5-years-old.

New Research Shows That Cannabinoids May Treat Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea masks are clunky and surgery is expensive. But new research shows that cannabinoids may treat sleep apnea.

Cannabis versus Cancer: We know weed can mitigate the side effects of the disease and its treatments, but it might also fight malignancies directly. Data is showing that medical marijuana has antitumor effects and may one day be used as a cancer treatment, not just as a drug to ease symptoms of the disease. Well over 100 types of cannabinoids—the compounds within cannabis containing different properties and chemical profiles—have been identified to date, yet few have been studied for their specific effects. Medical marijuana’s proven palliative care benefits and the complexity of the drug indicate clinical studies are necessary to uncover the drug’s full potential.

How To Treat Multiple Sclerosis With Cannabis: Have you ever wondered how to treat multiple sclerosis with cannabis? We did the research for you.

Cannabis News Worldwide

Canada: Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee adopts its report on the Cannabis Act: Read the Committee’s Report

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Weed in Review: 12.15.17

Weed in Review: Friday, December 15, 2017

Medical marijuana has no health risks: WHO: The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially given the checkmark of approval to cannabidiol…CBD, can be an effective treatment for cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and in palliative care, with WHO now ruling it does not have any risks of addiction. The ruling means that it should not be a scheduled drug – meaning that it is not a drug that has a high potential for abuse or is illegal to manufacture or distribute.

SESSIONS AND CHRISTIE MUST STOP TELLING LIES ABOUT MARIJUANA: [D]espite widespread bipartisan support for legalization and the positive impacts cannabis has had on patients, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems set on launching another failed federal “War on Drugs” campaign and cracking down on states that have partly or completely legalized marijuana use.

Medical Marijuana For Children With Cancer Broadly Supported By Doctors: In a survey of pediatric oncology providers published in Pediatrics, 85% of providers who were certified to provide access to medical marijuana would be willing to help children with cancer access it, compared to 95% of their colleagues who lacked the ability to provide it.

More than 20 medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland approved, drug supply low: Medical marijuana regulators approved 12 new dispensaries Thursday to open in the state, more than doubling the number of businesses allowed to sell the drug.

Cannabis At Xmas: A Primer On Coping:  Start by always using the term “cannabis” in place of “marijuana,” unless speaking about regulatory agencies with it in their name. (i.e. Oregon Medical Marijuana Program). The first step to getting woke is language, and the racist origins of “marijuana” are well documented. Phase it out whenever possible.

Putting it bluntly: Compton, cannabis and ‘The Chronic’ — 25 years later: The quarter-century odyssey of Dr. Dre’s debut and its role in America’s complicated affair with marijuana

California Issues First Round of Cannabis Licenses

San Diego DA, marijuana businessman agree to settlement in criminal case: James Slatic and his San Diego cannabis distribution company have apparently come out on top in a nearly two-year fight with the district attorney’s office. The DA has agreed in a settlement to return nearly $300,000…in addition to the $100,000…returned to Slatic and his family earlier this year.

Civil ‘conspiracy’ lawsuits may be next legal threat for marijuana businesses: “I’ve advised (cannabis) clients on the potential for neighbors to bring RICO litigation,” said California marijuana attorney Omar Figueroa, who has spent years working on such cases in federal court. (Consider researching your neighbors before you purchase land you intend to use for a cannabis grow site.)

Commentary: Cannabis oil has given Utah children a chance at a normal life: With the help of her uncle, 1-year-old KaseyAnn is walking. She has had the opportunity to develop as any other child would. Her daily seizures have gone down significantly and are no longer a daily struggle.

Cannabis Project Aims To Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients: In Australia, a new medicinal cannabis venture aims to help multiple sclerosis patients deal with their day-to-to day struggles.

Jamaica’s Ministry Of Health Approves United Cannabis Corporation’s Sublingual and Transdermal Prana Products For Its Registered Medicinal Cannabis List

Uruguay sells recreational marijuana to more than 16,000 people five months after legalising drug: Five months after legalizing recreational marijuana, there are more than 16,000 Uruguayans registered to buy the drug from pharmacies, up from 5,000 users in July.

Cannabis Science Expands its Global Research Consortium by Signing Collaboration Research Agreement with Stellenbosch University, One of the Oldest Universities in South Africa, to Develop Cannabinoid-based Medications to Treat Chronic Pain

Our favorite news sources:

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