Weed in Review: 11.17.2017

Weed in Review: Friday, November 17, 2017

Opioid Commission Argues Against Cannabis Legalization: The Opioid Commission was formed to alleviate the country’s opioid epidemic. So why are they against something that could actually help?

Doctors Debate Whether Colorado Child’s Death Is the First Fatal Marijuana Overdose A pair of physicians believes that a child’s consumption of cannabis edibles led to heart failure, while others call the claim “BS.”…“Even if I’m not convinced that it could kill your kid, you need to be really careful because it could make them really sick,” Dr. Kaufman told 9News. “It needs to be locked up away in a medicine chest because it can cause seizures. It can cause real big problems in kids that can lead to other problems.”

Asset Forfeiture Gone Wild: After Pot Raids, Cops Seize 7 Houses: In practice, asset forfeiture has become an irreplaceable revenue stream for American law enforcement officers, but has it gone too far? Ummm, yes.

New York Adds PTSD To List Of MMJ Qualifying Conditions: The governor of New York adds PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions to gain access to medical marijuana. What’s next for the state’s MMJ program?

Cannabis Users Are More Likely to Be Creative, New Study Finds: Researchers found that cannabis users are more extroverted, more open to experience, and less conscientious than non-users, all factors which could lead to enhanced creativity.

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