Jeff Simonson

Jeff Simonson is a Montana native. After nearly fifteen years of refining his growing techniques in the Oregon industry, he has returned to his Montana roots as an enthusiastic advocate and pioneer in the industry. As a grower, Jeff believes that attention to detail is essential in producing consistently impeccable flower. As research and innovation continue to grow, Jeff is always learning and implementing new techniques in order to create perfection that begins with seeds and ends with the curing process.

Jeff has been active in the music scene for nearly all his life. His favorite instrument is the Hammond B3. He played the keys in multiple bands including Rose City Kings, a blues band based out of Portland, Oregon. He was with this band from inception to full notoriety. He won multiple awards including the Muddy Award in both 2003 and 2004 and had the opportunity to share the stage with many professional musicians including Bo Diddley and David Lee Roth. Jeff looks forward to continuing his musical career here in Montana.

Jeff Simonson, Founder/Lead Grower/Advocate

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