Become a Patient

We would love to be your provider. Our mission is to provide you with an impeccable product at a low price. Although Herbaceous Inc. does not cover the cost of your MMMP card, we offer a welcome bonus of $25 in store products for your first 4 months with us.

We recommend Wellness Solutions Montana (406-589-5516) and you can schedule a doctor’s appointment online here.

If unable to submit an application online, need a hardship waiver or have questions regarding the application process, contact the Montana Medical Marijuana Program, (406) 444-0596.

If you have additional questions or want to transfer your current DPHHS MMP card over to Herbaceous Inc. call or text us at: 406-422-2962

or use the form below:

MMP-Change Request Form

MMP-Registered Cardholder Application

MMP Minor Registered Cardholder Pt Application

MMP-Physicians Statement For Debilitating Medical Condition

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