Angie Kopshy

Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC

Angie Kopshy received a Master’s in Piano from Boise State University before returning to Portland, Oregon, to study and pursue music therapy. Upon completion of her internship, Angie founded a music therapy clinic that specialized in helping children with autism transform their lives with music, paying particular attention to the enhancement of communication, anxiety reduction, motor planning, and social engagement.

Angie recently left her clinic, teaching position at Pacific University and her band, Stoneface Honey, to write in the mountains of Montana. When she isn’t helping run Herbaceous Inc., a dispensary in Butte, or facilitating music therapy sessions at Big Sky Music Therapy, Angie is working on her first novel and writing short essays for Behind Every Feminist. Angie is still writing music for Stoneface Honey and plans to release her next album, Rise, in late 2018.

Angie Kopshy, MM, MT-BC, Director of Public Relations at Herbaceous Inc.

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