Weed in Review: 5.11.18

Weed in Review: Friday, May 11, 2018

Cannabis News In the United States

How Marijuana Affects the Brain: There are many more ways that cannabis works, especially on the brain. It has an effect on every part of our brain, and some are very beneficial. This diagram only deals with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and not CBD (Cannabidiol), which is also an effective molecule for medical treatment in its own right.

Pet owners turn to cannabis products for ailing dogs: Aspen, a 12-year-old golden retriever/Australian shepherd mix, runs outside his home in Breckenridge, Colo. Aspen’s owners have been treating him with cannabidiol after the dog was diagnosed with bone cancer and had a leg amputated more than a year ago.

Ardent Launches Make-Your-Own-Edible Kits And A Cannabis Decarboxylator: The Nova is a one-button decarboxylation device. The user puts cannabis flower into the machine, closes it up and presses a button to start the process.

Academy Dedicated to Cannabis Science Opens Its Doors in… Texas?: Texans will soon have the opportunity to learn more about the science behind cannabis, from seed to smoke.

Harris says she’ll back Booker’s legislation to legalize marijuana: California Sen. Kamala Harris said in a tweet Thursday she plans to support her fellow Democratic colleague Cory Booker’s legislation to legalize marijuana.

The Debunking of: Does Legalizing Marijuana Necessitate Euthanizing Pot-Sniffing Dogs?: Arguments made by one sheriff opposed to legalized marijuana are dubious and disputed by police departments that have dealt with legal weed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday told reporters he has no plan to support the legalization of marijuana as he pushes an effort to legalize hemp.: “I do not have any plans to endorse the legalization of marijuana,” he said, adding that marijuana and hemp are “two entirely separate plants.”

Gov. Deal signs Medical Marijuana Law for PTSD and Pain: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a medical marijuana bill Monday that allows Georgians suffering


PTSD and intractable pain to use the drug.

New Post-Medical Cannabis Legislation Would Expunge Marijuana Convictions: PA Sen. Daylin Leach says it’s time to stop punishing those who sought relief.
Oklahoma and Kansas Governors Sign Industrial Hemp Bill Into Law: The bills allow licensed growers to cultivate hemp for pilot projects and research in an effort to investigate whether the sustainable crop has commercial potential.



Medical Research Updates on Cannabis

Family: Sick daughter can celebrate birthday thanks to medical cannabis: It’s a milestone that one Ramona family never thought they’d see their daughter reach: her 5th birthday. Five-year-old Sadie Higuera suffers from a rare and serious genetic disorder and wasn’t expected to live beyond the age of two. But according to her parents, it’s thanks to the North County company Hemp Meds CBD that she’s alive today and living her best life.

New Study: Marijuana’s Impact on Adolescents’ Cognitive Functioning “Overstated”: The study found that cannabis exposure is not associated with any significant long-term adverse cognitive performance effects.

Cannabis News Worldwide

Marches in Peru & Argentina demand new cannabis laws: Argentina’s annual marijuana march took place this year as some international attitudes to the plant appear to be on the point of changing from repression to limited acceptance as a medicine, and tolerance as a recreational pastime. Demonstrators called for Congress to conduct more research into the benefits of the marijuana plant and its cultivation.

Canadians Could Soon Spend More On Cannabis Than Liquor: Not only will the marijuana market be worth billions, but it’ll soon be bigger than the liquor industry.

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