The Synergy of CBD & Coffee has a short & sweet article about the benefits and synergy of CBD with coffee. Here are some highlights.

CBD-infused coffee is stimulating without the edge. 

CBD may be helpful for balancing out the sometimes overly stimulating effects of caffeine. CBD is a potent anxiolytic. Caffeine can trigger the release of the hormone adrenaline in the body.  Adrenaline is what triggers the fight or flight response, promoting stress and anxiety. CBD, however, may counteract some of these effects. CBD-infused coffee is stimulating without the edge.

CBD and caffeine both interact with adenosine in the body. Adenosine is a calming neurotransmitter that helps the body determine when it’s time to stay awake and when you need more sleep. However, CBD and caffeine have opposite effects on this time clock chemical. Caffeine blocks the body from being able to feel the sedative effects of adenosine. With CBD, however, early research suggests that CBD may improve the body’s response to adenosine. It seemingly does this by increasing the amount of calming adenosine available for the body to use.

Herbaceous Inc. carries Therapeutic Naturals, a line of CBD and essential oil infused products made in Montana.
Herbaceous Inc. carries Therapeutic Naturals LLC, a line of CBD and therapeutic grade essential oil-infused products made in Montana.

CBD is energizing and boosts mood

Early research has shown that low-dose CBD seems to have an energizing effect. This means that you can feel stimulated and awake with less overall caffeine. A 2016 rodent study found that CBD treatment caused a rapid increase in serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter that is often regulated with antidepressants. Not to mention, CBD is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which can be helpful for those with morning time tension in the muscles and joints.

Cranky in the morning? A cup of joe can help. Coffee also has some mood-lifting properties. A  2011 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that women who drank 3 cups of caffeinated coffee each day were 15 percent less likely to develop depression.

Combining the two seems like a great way to start the day.

CBD and caffeine are both potent antioxidants

Both coffee and CBD are superfoods. Several compounds in coffee, including caffeine, are powerful antioxidants. Coffee is considered the biggest source of antioxidants in the Western Diet. Antioxidants protect cells and DNA from damage, which supports healing and offers protection against aging.

CBD is also a powerful antioxidant. In fact, the U.S. Government owns a patent (US6630507 B1) on “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants.” Cannabinoids like CBD are expected to be particularly helpful for recovery from major brain events like trauma or stroke.

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We offer Cinnamon, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wild Orange and Flavorless varieties of CBD Tinctures.
We offer Cinnamon, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wild Orange & Flavorless flavors of CBD Tinctures.