Weed in Review: 1.5.18

Weed in Review: Friday, January 5, 2018

US Attorney General Rescinds Obama-Era Marijuana Guidelines: NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri says, “Today, one in five Americans resides in a jurisdiction where the adult use of cannabis is legal under state statute, and the majority of citizens reside someplace where the medical use of cannabis is legally authorized. It is time for Congressional representatives in these districts to step up and defend the rights of their constituents – many of whom rely on these policies for their health and welfare.”

NORML has a pre-written letter you can send to your representatives right now. 

Opinion: Jeff Sessions’ marijuana crackdown makes national legalization more likely: Jeff Sessions hates marijuana. Hates it, with a passion that has animated almost nothing else in his career. “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” he has said. He even once said about the Ku Klux Klan, “I thought those guys were OK until I learned they smoked pot.” He says that was a joke, but even so, it still says something about where he’s coming from.

Part 2, The Top Medical Cannabis Studies of 2017Ipart one of this series, we took a look at some of the most impactful studies in medical cannabis, specifically those relating to CBD. This next installment highlights several cannabis wins beyond CBD, as it shows promise in healthy aging, neurodegenerative disease, and more.

Study: Marijuana Use Not Linked With Reduced Motivation In Adolescents: Neither the occasional nor the heavy use of marijuana by adolescents is associated with decreased motivation, according to clinical data published online ahead of print in the journal Substance Use & Misuse.

Recreational Marijuana is Officially Legal in California: Retail cannabis shops in California opened their doors on Monday for the first time, inaugurating what proponents say will become the world’s largest market for legalized recreational marijuana.