Weed in Review: 11.10.17

Weed in Review: Friday, November 10, 2017

Botanical Marijuana Is Medicine: Yes, botanical marijuana is medicine. Treating it otherwise will harm those who need it most.

Weed for Warriors Carries on the Good Fight for Veterans’ Health: As cannabis becomes more commercialized, this non-profit for military vets is stepping up its game.

18 CBD Oil Benefits (And Side Effects): The verdict is in! Here are the best CBD products of 2017. Not familiar with CBD and the myriad benefits it offers? We’ll fill you in.

Will Illinois Be The Next State To Legalize Marijuana?Will Illinois be the next state to legalize marijuana? A proposed primary ballot referendum seems to indicate that there is a distinct possibility that it will be. And since Illinois already has a medical marijuana program and has decriminalized cannabis, the possibility isn’t so far-fetched.

DEA Plans To Grow Nearly 1,000 Pounds Of Weed Next Year: Justice Department officials have prevented the DEA from processing the applications for new suppliers. Despite Session’s claim that competition would be “healthy,” he has failed to respond to a bipartisan letter asking him to lift the block on applications. As a result, there is still only one legal supplier of government weed.

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